My name is Evan, I'm 22 and am stuck in hell (New Jersey).

I play a lot of League of Legends. I mostly play top, and Nidalee is my favourite champion.

League IGN: JesseTheInferno

I also Magic: the Gathering, and love a lot of other video games (like Shin Megami Tensei, Pokemon, Bioshock, Killer 7/No More Heroes...).

I like a lot of different music. Coheed/Prize Fighter are probably my favourite. I've been reading a lot of Rand and Nietzsche and related works, lately.



things to call your best friend:

  • asshole
  • looser
  • fucking nerd
  • piece of shit
  • fuckin egg
  • wife/waifu/husbando
  • mayonnaise egg
  • bitch salad
  • meme loving fuck

(Source: bluehige)



next time you get rick rolled try and act like you’ve never heard the song before

get real flustered and be like “wow… I didn’t realize that was how you felt?”