My name is Evan, I'm 22 and am stuck in hell (New Jersey).

I play a lot of League of Legends. I mostly play top, and Nidalee is my favourite champion.

League IGN: JesseTheInferno

I also Magic: the Gathering, and love a lot of other video games (like Shin Megami Tensei, Pokemon, Bioshock, Killer 7/No More Heroes...).

I like a lot of different music. Coheed/Prize Fighter are probably my favourite. I've been reading a lot of Rand and Nietzsche and related works, lately.



pfinfernolol replied to your post: 10 win arena run, played against 11 ma…

Glad to see it hasn’t ceased being Heartmage: Mages of Magecraft since I stopped playing.

most people would say that mage is the worst class in constructed currently, but they’re still absurd in arena, yeah. the issue is their card rarities allow them to always get the good cards

Ah, then the game has improved to some degree, maybe? It used to seem like nothing but Mage in every game mode and every level of play.